May 7th

May 7th. I chose that date for my wedding because the weather would be mild and because 7 is my favorite number. My ex husband’s birthday is May 9th. Today is May 6th.  Have you ever wanted something to bad, that the anticipation seems unbearable? That you begin to think it won’t happen? That’s aContinue reading “May 7th”

Teachable Not Terrible Two’s

Terrible twos? I don’t believe in them. Every child is teachable. Lauralie is already opinionated, independent and loves to be in control. She’s also the best movie narrator I’ve ever met.    We start our mornings with her telling me to wake up and literally opening my eyes. She tells me she’s “going potty” andContinue reading “Teachable Not Terrible Two’s”

Laura + lie = Lauralie

Lauralie is a beautiful name and it fits my daughter perfectly (when it’s pronounced properly). She’s 2 years old and she’s smart, polite and independent.  She’s a great listener and loves Disney World. She pulls my chair out first at dinner (I didn’t teach her that), she asks if I’m OK when we go over aContinue reading “Laura + lie = Lauralie”