Online Dating

You either do it or you don’t. You’re either afraid or you’re addicted to it. I personally don’t have time or the desire to date. I have needs to be fulfilled and online dating is how I fulfill them. 

I don’t need your whole life story, I don’t  want to see you when the sun is up and my child doesn’t need a father (she has a great one already). I just need to be sure you’re not a serial killer, that you’re healthy and that you respect that fact that when I call you come (not the other way around). 

My most prideful job is being a mother and I spend as much time with Lauralie as I can (outside of working 50 hours a week). I’ve actually had a few successes with online dating. It works for me and my time constraints. My key is being open and honest from the beginning. I’m too old and too busy to “tell you what you want to hear”. And honestly I don’t care enough to put the energy in to do so. 

When you think you have feelings for me, then I have to go. If you’re unable to perform, then I have to go. If you want to see me when the sun is up then….you guessed it…I have to go. It was great knowing you though. Have a great night while I reload my apps!

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