Tinkle Time!

I decided after Lauralie’s first birthday that it was time. Yes! I decided to start the introduction to the potty chair. Her and I went to Walmart and I let her choose one. She didn’t know what she was choosing of course but she settled on a princess potty seat.  We took it home andContinue reading “Tinkle Time!”

Cheap Toddler Thrills

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to have fun with your child. I’m serious. I feel they are the least expensive at this age to entertain. There are playgrounds, picnics and free classes around your town. Finger painting, chalk and (my favorite) dance parties are fun at home! When she was a baby, I’dContinue reading “Cheap Toddler Thrills”

Laura + lie = Lauralie

Lauralie is a beautiful name and it fits my daughter perfectly (when it’s pronounced properly). She’s 2 years old and she’s smart, polite and independent.  She’s a great listener and loves Disney World. She pulls my chair out first at dinner (I didn’t teach her that), she asks if I’m OK when we go over aContinue reading “Laura + lie = Lauralie”