My heart is literally pounding. This is unbelievable. The same building where I wrote a letter about a boob job, I’m now on the phone 5 years later setting the date! I’m on hold, but I have butterflies in my stomach and I may be getting a headache!

 Yes I do love and embrace my body and sexuality, but this is something I’ve wanted to do my whole life. Even when I stripped, I wanted boobs. I think the female body is beyond beautiful. Beautiful breasts are definitely a part of that for me. 

I can’t wait to wear all the clothes I couldn’t because they didn’t look right on me without anything to fill them with. I’m currently a 32A. The only time I had boobs was when I was breast feeding and I thought they were cute. 

I just received the phone call. August 20th at 7:30 am! My initial thought is I’m going to be miserable waking up so early. But it works out bc my daughter will still be asleep at her dad’s. Lauralie and I have discussed all week that mommy has to go to the Dr on Thursday. She’s excited about all of the visitors and play dates she’s going to have!

I’m excited and a little nervous just because I’ve never been under anesthesia before. I’m afraid of how I’ll feel. I’m also not fond of pain meds and I’ve been prescribed Oxi. I bought extra strength Tylenol since I’d prefer to use that. The other major thing I’m afraid of is not being in control. I don’t know how much help I’ll need or what I’ll be capable and incapable of doing. I know I’ll have plenty of help, but I have a control issue. If I can do it, then I’d rather do it myself. But I have to remind myself that doing chores isn’t worth ruining my boob job.

7:44 a.m, I’m fucking starving in the waiting room. Marquise sits next to me as we’re plotting on what I’m going to eat when I’m done. I can’t wait to see Lauralie and stuff my face!

The procedure was about an hour. I woke up feeling great. The first thing I was told was not to use my arms. That’s hard to do but I learned my lesson when I tried and winced in pain. Pain is my new companion. My chest, upper back and upper arms are sore. It feels like I worked out too hard while at the same time having an elephant sitting on my chest. Taking a deep breath is nearly impossible and I could cry at the thought of coughing or sneezing.

For the next few nights, I sleep about two hours at a time. I forfeited my SleepNumber bed for my blue couch and a fort of pillows. I take Tylenol during the day and pain pills at night. Honestly, I don’t think either does much but I don’t want to know what the pain would be without them. 

Day 6….it’s been a painful process, but nothing I can’t handle. I’m always impressed with what my body can do. Who knew opening a jar of salsa could almost bring me to tears! I’ve definitely learned my limits and I’m sticking to them. I had my post op appointment today, and the first thing my Dr said was not to put my nipple ring back in yet! I assured him I would wait for his OK. He said they looked great and let me know that I’d be wearing a “band” day in and day out for about 3 weeks. The band will help the implants “fall” into place. My next appointment will be in 6 weeks. 

Lauralie has been amazing throughout this process. So willing to help and easy going. I’m so grateful for my friends that stopped by and helped around my place and just came to check on me. I keep my circle small, and I appreciate everyone in it. 

My advice to others who want to get a boob job? Work on your abs first! You can’t use your arms for a few days so getting up after sitting/laying down is a challenge. Keep everything you need below eye level, so you have easy access to it. Have meals prepped ahead of time so all you have to do is heat them up. Even cutting my daughter’s chicken was a challenge! Get all of your prescriptions prior to  your surgery, so you’re good to go. Pillows will be your best friend. For me the more firm the pillow is, the better. I’m looking forward to being healed in a few weeks and seeing the progression. I’lll be sure to post before and after pictures in 3 months!

I go back to work tomorrow after 6 days off. I just got off the phone with my boss. She wants to make sure I’ll be fine and I tell her of course! I’ll be able to sit when needed and there’s no lifting necessary, so I’ll have no issues. The only thing I’m concerned about is what shirt I’m going to wear! 

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