He tell me stories~Stories only true lovers can share~He tells me his thoughts, his feelings, what’s on his mind and how I can keep him satisfied~He tells me what he likes about me~My brown, smooth skin, my legs, my smile face and hands~He says he can keep me satisfied~Take me to places I’ve never been before~To paradise~And once there, take care of me mentally and physically~To water my sexual, sensual garden~

I just sit and listen while he’s telling me his stories~Meanwhile longing to touch, to feel, to taste him~To feel his hands caressing me all over~Hearing him whisper I’m his and that he loves me and will never leave me~Saying that I’m not just another girl, but that I’m different, special~He says he’ll take care of my needs first~Before his~That he’ll satisfy me and make me moan to feed his ego~He says he’s a pro when it comes to love making~That I’ll be his one and only lover and he’ll be mine~He says he’ll take it slow and be gentle because he knows I’m a virgin~That he’ll keep that in mind~

He calls me his sexy chocolate thang~ I just smile and laugh in return~Does he want me only for what I can do for him?~ Or does he want a little more?~I’m longing to be with him~To see if what he says is true~If he can really satisfy my wants and needs~Or to see if he’ll let me down~

I want to do it~Experience it~But how do you know when it’s right?~ Is it worth it?~Should I?~I don’t know~Maybe one day I’ll find out what it’s really about~But until then~I’ll just keep listening to his stories

Select the sub categories located under “Unpoetic Teenage Thoughts” after reading it, to follow the journey with me back into parts of my teenage mind. 

Published by Janee

I am a working mom and a writer. I love the sunshine and writing. When I’m not here, I’m on a fun adventure with my daughter! Find us on YouTube at Janee Murray!

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