Sweet Milk

During the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I would watch videos on babies “latching” for breast feeding and the “Do’s and Dont’s.” A woman’s body is beyond amazing and I was fascinated that we can give birth and feed our children.

Lauralie latched well and was a pretty good eater. I knew I’d be going back to work two months after her birth so I wanted her and I to get all the practice that we could. I enjoyed breast feeding but I wanted her father to feel included as well. So about 2 weeks after her birth, I started pumping so we could introduce her to the bottle and so he could feel more included. I made sure to be out of sight (I’d actually go upstairs) while he fed her. She took to the bottle with no issues.

Since I didn’t go back to work immediately after birth, her and I were home alone together. I enjoyed every second of it. I was actually sad when she fell asleep and I’d wait anxiously for her to wake up. I would pump if possible because I was so worried about my “supply” decreasing. She did end up favoring one side over the other and at 2 a.m it’s a little hard to remember which breast she last fed on! Therefore, I ended up being lopsided for a while and I began to try to increase my supply with tea made for that reason. 

The tea worked for about a month or so. About 4 months in, I decided to start supplementing with formula. I pumped at work and I’m thankful for my job being encouraging as I started my journey of motherhood. I mixed breast milk with it, so Lauralie would still have a familiar taste. It took her a few days and within a week she was using formula once my “milk stash” in the freezer dwindled. 

I was pleased that I was able to breastfeed. Even though I didn’t do it as long as I wanted to, it didn’t matter. She was happy and healthy. I’ve been told by some mothers that they feel inadequate because they were not able to breastfeed. There is absolutely no need to feel that way! As long as your child is getting the nutrients, love, care and attention that is needed then that’s all that matters.

Published by Janee

I am a working mom and a writer. I love the sunshine and writing. When I’m not here, I’m on a fun adventure with my daughter! Find us on YouTube at Janee Murray!

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